about kühn

My name is Chris, my friends call me Grimm. I created kühn beard balm and beard oil in my kitchen (I know, so cliche). Where it started isn't as important as why it started. 

I'm VERY particular with how I look and what I smell like. These are the 2 ways I'm able to express myself most easily. So when I began using beard oil and beard balm 2 years ago I quickly grew frustrated because I couldn't find a product that had me in mind. What I mean is, other products smell ok, some work ok, and most look about the same as the rest. I need someone who had higher standards. I created kühn beard balm and beard oil for guys like me, who, when compared with the average Joe, are more particular with how they look and smell.

Let me explain.

why kühn

Too many guys out there don't care enough about their appearance, they don't care enough about what products their using on their bodies and what they're putting in their hair. 

We should care more about our appearance. 

We should be more conscious  in our decisions. 

We should live life proactively and on purpose.

We should be more bold, audacious, brave, and courageous in every thing we do.

I challenge you to live life more kühn.

be bold

I am lucky enough to have people in my life who inspire me everyday to be better. 

I am very fortunate to have close friends who inspire me to get out of my comfort zone. 

I know not everyone is as lucky as I am in that regards. So I've introduced kühn to the world in hopes that you might find the inspiration you need to live with a little more courage to take chances, or quite simply to be bold in everything you do. 

I hope that kühn beard balm and beard oil will give you that extra little bit of self confidence that you need to live life a little more fully, in whatever way that is, all the while rocking a sick beard.

kühn - be bold