Sea Salt Spray.
Sea Salt Spray.
Sea Salt Spray.
Sea Salt Spray.
Sea Salt Spray.

Sea Salt Spray

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Sea Salt Spray 8oz spray bottle

Sea salt spray will give you that "fresh from the ocean" feel anytime you want it. As your hair absorbs the salt, it becomes textured and more voluminous. Use it is place of hair spray for a healthier way to lock in curls. It's light, fresh, and you'll love it. 


Now available in 4 scent options:

  • Cucumber Melon

  • Lavender Tea

  • Lemon Verbena

  • Summer Scent (the original)


We formulated our sea salt spray to perform a certain way. After hearing about the complaints of other brands, there were certain things we wanted to avoid as well as achieve.

  • Our sea salt spray is will not leave your hair crunchy

  • It will not leave flakes

  • It contains moisturizers to keep your hair healthy

  • It rinses out easy

  • It smells amazing

  • Simply put, it does an amazing job


  • distilled water

  • magnesium sulfate (salt)

  • white tea extract (anti-oxidant, polyphenols)

  • vp/va (copolymer, gives hold)

  • polysorbate-20 (emulsifier)

  • glyceryl cocoate (emulsifier, conditioner)

  • propylene glycol (humectant)

  • glycerin (humectant)

  • hyaluronic acid (moisturizer)

  • phenoxyethanol & sorbic acid (preservative)

  • fragrance