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Cold pressed oils and unrefined butters

Difference Between Cold-Pressed Oils and Unrefined Butters vs Refined If pressed (pun intended), I would say that the single biggest difference between kühn procducts' beard balm, beard oil, beard butter, and everything else we make, is in the ingredients themselves. Namely that we use ONLY cold-pressed oils and unrefined shea and mango butter.  This might not sound like a big deal, but it is. This will help you understand why some of the products you use are noticeably better than other ones. I get messages quite often from guys telling me how much better their beard feels after using kühn and they're not sure why. Whey does are oil absorb into the skin and beard better? Why is there no...

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Why Are Some Beards More Coarse & Wirey

Beards are very alike and beards are very different. Alike in that they're all coarse and stiff and wirey. Different in that the degrees to which a beard is course and wirey can vary.  Why?  Because the degree to which our bodies produce the oil that keeps skin and hair moisturized is so different. What is this oil? Sebum.  It's why our hair gets oily when not washed and why our face gets oily for the same reason. Beards do not get enough of this oil. It's why our beards aren't soft. No moisture.  How do we fix this? Clean it ever so gently and put moisture into it with oils, balms, and butters. The problem is a lot of...

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Vitamin C Serums and who makes the best

Spend 15 seconds Googling vitamin c serums and you'll see pretty quick how many different vitamin c serums there are. Spend another 10 minutes and you'll also see how incredibly beneficial they can be on our skin when used properly and with the right routine.  I remember about 2 years ago a co-worker girlfriend of mine asked me if I could make a vitamin c serum. That the first time I recall ever hearing the term vitamin c serum. I was intrigued. Vitamin C serum? So like for your skin? Serum eh? Is it an oil base or water base? Why would anyone put vitamin c on their face? Like with anything you're not familiar with, it seemed so odd...

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The best beard beard balm

Kühn's first official product was our birchwood beard balm. At that time, January 2019, I was on a mission to make the best beard balm that I could. I read a lot about what beard balms were rated the highest and why. I read about ingredients and what made some better than others. What did I learn? One thing I learned was how everyone used the same ingredients. Seriously, you could find the same 3 or 4 oils and butters in every beard balm. Another thing I learned was the common practice of adding more beeswax for more hold. My third biggest takeaway, they all looked the same These 3 lessons are why our beard balm, and everything else we...

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