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haarcreme "hair cream", medium hold - medium shine
4 oz
hair types: best for thick hair, for parted look or loosely styled, long hair or short hair
application: apply wet or damp, it's not easy to apply to dry hair.
Kühn hair cream acts like a wax based pomade in that it doesn't get crunchy. You can easily restyle with your hands or with a comb. But, unlike a wax based pomade it won't leave your hands or head feeling greasy and it washes out easily. You'll notice how soft your hair will feel from the shea butter and conditioning waxes. It does have a slight shine to it, but it won't look greasy or waxy. It doesn't have a really strong hold, so if you want a spiked look, go with kühn hair clay. This is also great for guys with long hair. It will give your hair a nice conditioned feel and will leave it healthy and shiny.

ingredients: distilled water, emulsifying wax, PVP, beeswax, cera bellina, propylene glycol, shea butter, ozokerite wax, shea oil, PEG-7, BTMS-50, hydrogenated castor oil, vegetable glycerine, polysorbate-20, optiphen

Manufacturer: Kuhn Products