6 Piece Gift Set.
6 Piece Gift Set.
6 Piece Gift Set.
6 Piece Gift Set.

6 Piece Gift Set

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Six piece beard gift set

Three oils or butters or balms and 3 soaps. 

This is the perfect gift set for the bearded man in your life. 

Order this when you don't know what to buy for that bearded warrior in your life. 

There are a million choices and you have no idea where to start. 

Start here.

I've chosen the products for you, just pick the scents and that's it.

Pro Tip: every scent is good, you cant make a bad choice

 What's in it? Soap and beard stuff ($75 value) for $55!

What is beard oil, beard balm, and all that other crap?

Dont worry about it, seriously. I handle all of the orders kühn and all of the reviews,I know exactly which scents are the most popular and loved by guys and gals.

If you buy it and he doesnt like it, let me know, I'll fix it. 

In case you're wondering, this is what's included:

- 1 oz beard oil bottle (makes it soft and smell good)
- 2 oz container of beard balm (helps keep it shaped, not so scraggly, and smell good)
- 2 oz container of beard butter (it's like a leave in conditioner, softens and smells
- 3 charcoal and clay soaps (with activated charcoal, kaolin clay, shea butter, mango butter, & glycerine. Really good for his face and skin, but looks super manly so he won't even know!!!)