Co-Wash (Pick A Scent)

Co-Wash (Pick A Scent)

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Kühn Beard Co-Wash 8oz

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After our balm, oil, butter, and soap, our co-wash is our most popular product. Co-wash stands for "conditioner wash". What that means is it cleans your beard and conditions it at the same time.

Because beards are hard enough to keep moisturized, a co-wash is a conditioner first, and shampoo/soap/detergent second.

The common formula for co-washes is typically referred to as the 80/20 rule; 80% conditioner, 20% shampoo. Our co-wash is closer to 90/10, meaning 90% conditioner and 10% shampoo or cleanser. It's gentle enough to use daily.

Made with only that which is good for your beard. Our beard co-wash adds moisture and anti-static properties, removes dirt and oil and revives lifeless curls. It won't dry your beard or skin like most beard washes, yet works well enough that you can wash your beard with it alone. 

Every ingredient in our co-wash serves a specific purpose. 

If you're using a beard wash right now, I think you should try our co-wash.

You will notice a difference in how your beard and skin feel.


distilled water

aloe vera juice

cetyl alcohol

cetearyl alcohol

hydrolyzed quinoa protein 


decyl glucoside

marula oil

glyceryl monostearate

PEG-100 stearate 

d-panthenol (pro-vitamin vitamin b5)

babassu oil

vitamin e tocopherol


postassium sorbate