Kühn's beard balm and beard oil are made to feel light, not heavy and greasy.

  • shea nut 
  • jojoba
  • argan
  • meadowfoam seed
  • marula

bold difference

Kühn beard balm and beard oil to be noticeably better: 

  • better hold
  • better scent 
  • better feel
  • better look. 


kühn pomades

Kühn's salon quality hair pomades were made with 2 things in mind. First, to use natural ingredients whenever possible. Second, to perform better than other products that we dudes are accustomed to using. 

Mission accomplished.

Check em out, buy one, you won't be disappointed. 

about kühn

inspired by mountains


I spend as much time as I can in the mountains of Utah. Be it trail running, biking, hiking, fishing, camping, exploring, swinging from random ropes, you name it. All kühn beard oil and beard balm scents, even their look, are made in their shadows. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit this incredible place, so this is my way of sending the Utah mountains to you. It's also my way of challenging you to get out, explore what's around you, try something new. 

Simply put, I challenge you to live kühn.

Look Good, Feel good, Smell good


The idea behind kühn was simple. I started with a beard balm that held my beard in place, wasn't greasy, and smelled great. 

You will notice the difference in how you look, feel, and smell. I don't make those claims lightly, try it, you will notice a difference.

100% original, natural, and bold


Kühn beard oil and beard balm is bold from the inside out. From the ingredients, to the scent, to the packaging, it's unique, it's bold. Honestly, I hope it inspires you live the same way; be different, take chances, be brave, be audacious. 

Be bold and live bold.

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