5 Piece Beard Oil Sample Pack

5 Piece Beard Oil Sample Pack

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Pack of 5 Beard Oil Sample Set from Kühn

Pick the 5 scents you'd most like to experience.

Every 5 pack set ships FREE.

Each bottle contains 8 ml of beard oil and there is 30 ml in 1 oz.

Every sample is made with the following cold-pressed oils:

- she nut oil

- marula oil

- meadowfoam seed oil

- argan oil

- jojoba oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tyson Huntington
Great beard oils

I received 7 oils and I think they are all great. My wife walks into the bathroom after I’m leave and always comments on how good it smells because of the oils. The oils are similar in scents maybe a complete off the wall scent might be cool. None the less very happy with the products and plan on being a return costumer.

Will Rodina
Can't go wrong for the price!

Hands down, this is some of the best beard oil I've ever used. It was hard for me to pick the scent samples I wanted since they are all so different from most offerings from most other companies offering beard care products. The fragrances that I sampled are mostly "light" but persistent -- you'll catch a whiff here and there all afternoon.

The only real concern I had is that the sample bottles don't seem to seal very tightly, so there was a little spillage in the package. This wasn't a real problem for me since the bottles were closed in zip-seal bags... so the leaks stayed contained. I guess the solution to this is to go ahead and order the full-size bottles of beard oil instead!