New Kühn Lids

Scent Profiles

Mountain Whiskey

You'll catch a some bergamot, clove, soft musk, hint of leather, and patchouli. At the very end you catch the most subtle of orange peel, it's barely there, but just enough to give it a touch of sweetness.

It's one of our most popular scents. 


With notes of cypress, lime, sea salt, oud, leather, amber, moss, birch, & sandalwood.

You're looking at kühn's first born. Well, ok, not exactly our first born. It is however, the first scent we officially released. Birchwood is very popular, especially with women. There is something there that seems to draw them in. Obviously men like it too, but this one gets the most positive reviews from women.  It's no wonder really; it's light, it's slightly sweet, but not too much. It's manly, but not too much. It's soft, but not too much. 

Whenever I'm asked to recommend a scent, this is always on the list.

Utah Summer

Summer in Utah is hot and dry. I wanted to make a scent that reflected that; something HOT, something FIRE! So here it is, the essence of summer in Utah, reflected in this manly scent. You'll catch a spicy blend of grapefruit and redwood with a hint of cranberry. Followed up with a deep amber that comes out more woodsy than it does sweet. This is on the lighter side of our scents. It's sweeter, which was the point.

That's what summer is to supposed to be. 

The Woods

The Woods is what it is because of the combination of cedar and sandalwood. However, keep your preconceived notions at bay. You'll probably barely notice either one. Thrown in there to help soften up both are a combo of vanilla and amber. This is on our the lighter side of our woodsy scents. Whereas mountain whisky, mahogany, cedar & amber, and mountain forest are a little deeper, a little smokey, the woods is different.

If you like a little sweeter and a hint of vanilla, you should check this out.  


When you think of smoke, don't think of a burning house type smoke, or the putrid smell of burning rubber, or that of a cigarette. When you think of kühn "smoke", think of the sweet smelling smoke of cherry wood or hickory. This has a lighter, sweeter scent profile like that of Utah Summer. You'll catch grapefruit in there too like Utah Summer, but with the addition of cardamom, birch, sandalwood, and vetiver. 

Mountain Forest

This is how it sounds. It's what you would expect an early morning walk through a densely wooded mountain forest. That earthy smell you'll pick up if it's slightly damp a long with a hint of pine, sage, and basil.

Like a forest high up in the mountains, it never gets old.  

Cedar & Amber

This is very much what its called. Imagine a big log of cedarwood smoldering on a fire. Still fresh enough that it doesnt smell burnt, but definitely smokey. Now take that smokey cedarwood and add just a touch of sweetness to it. The littlest bit of amber and a hint of vanilla. The sweeter notes really takes the edge off the strength that cedar can bring to a scent. It can be very overpowering, just not here. 

White Sand

You know how just prior you first imagined smelling a smoldering log of cedarwood? Replace that smokey cedarwood log and replace it with sandalwood. Except that log of sandalwood has been sitting out for years. Unlike a fresh piece of sandalwood that can very strong, this old piece of sandalwood has but a whisper of what once was. Can you smell it? It's just barely there. Now take a sip of that ice cold vanilla flavored cream soda. As you breath in the faint scent of sandalwood through your nose, the vanilla cream soda washes down the back of your throat. That is white sand.  


Picture this.

You're sitting in a mahogany floored library surrounded by mahogany bookshelves filled with the classics. You catch a hint of musk but can't determine if it's coming from the wood or books. It's not so strong that it smells dirty or dusty. It hangs rather loosely in the air, like someone was smoking a pipe or cigar maybe 20 minutes ago. You also catch the faint scent of something sweet. Apple perhaps? 

You do a double take. You were certain the wooden floors and shelves were mahogany. So where did that cedarwood come from, or is it oak? Or maybe it's both, but there's definitely more wood than just mahogany. Ah, there's the sweetness you were picking up. An open bottle of bourbon not 10 feet away. Someone lined the glass of bourbon with apple slices. Apple slices? Is that a thing? 

All of that is the mahogany experience. 

Misty Mountain 

Utah Summer and Smoke or two of our most popular scents. Think of Misty Mountain as a blend of these two. The cranberry and grapefruit top notes of Utah Summer with Smoke bass notes of cardamom, musk, sandalwood, and vetever. It's our newest scent and already one of our most popular. 

Black Currant

Our newest. It's an incredibly unique scent. There's a berry out there that doesn't get much attention, the blackcurrant berry, also known as black currant or cassis. It has a sweet top note as you'd expect from a berry, but with a woodsy base. Like utah summer, we incorporated a little grapefruit. You'll also catch some lemon, jasmine, and peach with a base combo of black currant.