About Kühn

Kühn Beard Products - The Real Mountain Men

Kühn was born in the mountains of Utah. All of kühn products, from the look, to the scent, are made in their shadows. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit this incredible place, so this is my way of sending the Utah mountains, to you. It's also my way of challenging you to get out, explore what's around you, go try something new. Simply put, I challenge you to live kühn.

Kühn Products - How it all started

We are proud to celebrate our 5 Year Anniversary! Looking back, I’m convinced that the beginning of kühn products was my 16th birthday, nearly 30 years ago. That was the day I received my first bottle of cologne from a girlfriend at the time. Minotaur was the name, and it changed my life. From that day forward I loved being the guy who "always smelled great". As a teenager, still discovering who I was and who I wanted to be, the attention I received from the opposite sex simply because of how I smelled was transformative.

Fast forward 20+ years when I decided to rock a beard. It was 2017, my beard was coming in well, and I was introduced to beard oil and beard balm by a friend. That too was transformative, though in a different way than cologne had been. Where cologne had shown me the magic in smelling good, beard oil showed me how great moisturized skin felt a long with a soft beard. The problem though was how to marry the two in a fashion that fit my preference.

I loved my cologne, but it clashed with the beard oil scents.

Oh well, I'll deal with it, there are worse problems.

Jump to Christmas 2018, I'm away from home visiting family and I forgot my beard stuff. No biggie, I thought, I'll grab something at the store, which I did. And it was, to this day, the worst product I've ever used. It was supposed to be beard balm, but it closer to Vaseline and it smelled like a musty shoe. It was awful, and I was pissed.

Why can't a company make a product that isn't greasy and ALSO one that smells great? Why do they all smell of essential oils and hippies?

So while I was visiting family for Christmas, I did some investigating into creating my own beard balm. Fortunately it seemed to be fairly easy to do. So I bought some carrier oils, shea butter, mango butter, and beeswax and made a batch. It turned out pretty good, admittedly though it smelled gross since all I had to scent it with were some essential oils in my in-laws kitchen cabinet.

The hold and feel of the beard balm was great though, it was exactly what I had been searching for, something heavier to help keep my beard shaped and in check.

I brought some to the office where I worked at the time and had a couple people test it. After receiving some feedback, I tweaked the recipe and got to work on the scent and the packaging.

I knew that If I was to do this, I'm was going to make it right. It needed to do 3 things or it wasn't going to be worth doing.

Those 3 things:
1. Perform well/not be greasy.
2. Smell as good as a quality cologne.
3. Look dope sitting on a bathroom counter top.

And from that kühn products was born just a few short months later, officially launching in May 2019. We now offer numerous products and have shipped around the world.

I’m proud of the reputation we’ve developed.
We stand by our products 100%.
If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll make it right or refund your money, no questions asked.

Give us a try if you haven’t yet, I think you’ll be happy.

The evolution of Kühn Products

Here's what the beginnings of kühn looked like. 

Branded by hand with a wood burning tool. It took FOREVER!

Kuhn beard balm and balm box in the snow of utah.

We got the scents and the recipe right before we got our packaging right. It's all part of the process. 

 This was the beginning of our famous mächtig boxes. It was a work in progress. I took close to year before it got to where it is now. 

We’ve come a long way since then. I believe kühn has become what I envisioned and we are looking forward to where it’s headed.

Who’s “we”? 

We is kühn products, and kühn is me, Chris Grimm, and two of my best mates, Justin Staska, and Tim Asay. 3 bearded gents who live and breathe kühn and who do everything to make the best beard and skin care products on the market. 

See for yourself if you haven’t yet. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.