About Kühn

Kühn Beard Products - The Real Mountain Men

Kühn was born in the mountains of Utah. All of kühn products, from the look, to the scent, are made in their shadows. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit this incredible place, so this is my way of sending the Utah mountains, to you. It's also my way of challenging you to get out, explore what's around you, go try something new. Simply put, I challenge you to live kühn.

It seems like kühn’s story is similar to the beginnings of other beard companies. We wanted to make something better than was available. In our case, I was tired of the same issues with literally every product I had used. The two main problems had to do with how it felt and how it smelled.

1. My beard was always greasy from oils or balms.

2. The scent was always just ok, it never blew me away. 

Christmas 2018 was the catalyst to our beginnings. I stopped off at a local drug store late one night. I had forgotten my beard balm at home and needed something while I was out of town visiting family. I grabbed the first thing I saw. When I got back to my car I popped it open and nearly gagged. It smelled terrible and the consistency was that of Vaseline. I was mad. Well mostly I was frustrated. I had had it with sub par beard balm. I knew I could make something better. But what does “better” mean? I wanted to make something that fixed my main three issues. 

  • Smell amazing
  • Look amazing
  • Not be greasy

I figured if I could fulfill all 3, then it'd be worth the effort. So I set out to do just that. It took some time. Ok, tbh, it took A LOT of time. Many long days, long weekends, and late nights. i got there eventually. 

Take a look at some early kühn products. 

Here's what the beginnings of kühn looked like. 

Branded by hand with a wood burning tool. It took FOREVER!

Kuhn beard balm and balm box in the snow of utah.

We got the scents and the recipe right before we got our packaging right. It's all part of the process. 


This was the beginning of our famous mächtig boxes. It was a work in progress. I took close to year before it got to where it is now. 

We’ve come a long way since then. I believe kühn has become what I envisioned and we are looking forward to where it’s headed.

Who’s “we”? 

We is kühn products, and kühn is me, Chris Grimm, and two of my best mates, Justin Staska, and Tim Asay. 3 bearded gents who live and breathe kühn and who do everything to make the best beard and skin care products on the market. 

See for yourself if you haven’t yet. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.