Why we're different

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There I go again. 

Please don't take my blog titles serious. I know it sounds arrogant. It's called "click bait", am I doing it right? Yes I think our packaging is dope, however I think a lot of other brands have dope packaging too. Well, that is except for....ha j/k. Thought I was going to pick on another brand again eh? Ha yeah, right. 

Ok, back on topic. 

It all comes down to ingredients. Let me explain. 

With carrier oils and butters, the process by which they're harvested and then processed before reaching your face it vitally important. 

Let's start with oils. 

When it comes to processing oils, there are two types. You have unrefined (cold pressed) oils and refined oils. The difference is HUGE. 

Cold pressed it pretty much how it sounds. They're cold or expeller pressed to extract the oils, with very little heat, hence the name cold pressed. Basically whatever it is you're harvesting is put between an incredibly powerful press and the plant or nut or whatever is pressed to high heaven to extract the oils. The oils are left pretty much in their natural form. That's why cold pressed oils can have a deeper, richer color or an odor to them sometimes. Everything natural about it is left in as much as possible. 

Refined oils are completely different in the way their processed. Refined oils have been bleached and/or deodorized using heat or through a chemical process. This is why a lot of beard companies prefer refined oils, they're much easier to work with. Some oils can be rather pungent, so the refined version can eliminate that odor. 

Now, I probably don't need to tell you why cold pressed is better than refined. In case I do, this is why. Refining oils reduces the nutrients in the oil and compromises its effectiveness. They're still good, I won't argue that point, but unrefined oils are simply better. They keep more of their moisturizing and healing properties, it's a proven fact. 

Guess what kind we use? Yup, cold processed. Cold processed oils are a little more expensive than refined oils, but the difference is worth it. This is one of the reasons so many of you who like our products and might not realize it. All of our products use cold processed oils so they'll absorb better, last longer, they're a bit thicker, they moisturize better. In every way they're better. 

Now for butter. Well, to keep it simple, it's the same thing. You have unrefined vs refined. I've found the biggest difference with shea butter. Unrefined shea butter is so much better. However, there is that nutty scent that can be a bit overpowering. The key is to work with the scent instead of against it. So the scent is there, we just hide it pretty good I think. Sometimes it comes through, but it's not terrible. The pay offs are so worth it. Unrefined shea butter and mango butter, the two we use, are really that much better than refined like most other companies use. 

Try it out. See what the other companies use. You should really find out. I know one big brand that uses refined oils and butters in all of their products, but this particular beard brand shall remain nameless. I don't want to call anyone out. 

Ok, this was pretty freaking long. Congrats if you made it through. Here's as reward to making it to the end. 30% off any beard oil, balm, or butter. It won't expire either since some of you just purchased some stuff. So keep note. 


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