Co-Wash & 2 Soaps.
Co-Wash & 2 Soaps.
Co-Wash & 2 Soaps.

Co-Wash & 2 Soaps

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Beard Co-Wash

by kühn


Tea Tree Scented

Includes 2 charcoal and clay *soaps

*Tea Tree scented soap is now available. 


Co-wash stands for "conditioner wash". What that means is it cleans your beard and conditions it at the same time.

Because beards are hard enough to keep moisturized, a co-wash is a conditioner first, shampoo/soap/detergent second.

The common formula for co-washes is typically referred to as the 80/20 rule; 80% conditioner, 20% shampoo. Our co-wash is closer to 90/10, meaning 90% conditioner and 10% shampoo. Because our charcoal and clay soap does such a good job cleaning your beard, we were more concerned with how well our co-wash conditioned. 

It definitely does that.

Made with only that which is good for your beard. Our beard co-wash adds moisture and anti-static properties, removes dirt and oil and revives lifeless curls.

With coconut oil and shea nut oil for shine and nourishment. Elastin protein & bamboo extract help strengthen curly hair and blue flax extract helps calm irritated skin. Gently enough to use everyday, you will notice a difference in how your beard feels.

Our co-wash comes with 2 charcoal & clay soaps for a deeper clean on days when you need it. On those days deep clean with kühn soap, follow it up with the co-wash as a conditioner.

They're perfect together. 


distilled water

sodium pca

cetyl alcohol

cetearyl alcohol

polysorbate 60

hydrolyzed silk protein 

hydrolyzed wheat protein


decyl glucoside

marula oil

mct (coconut) oil

nicacinimide (vit b3)

vitamin e tocopherol


postassium sorbate