1 oz Hickory Sample  | Oil | Balm | Butter

1 oz Hickory Sample | Oil | Balm | Butter

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Samples of NEW Hickory from kühn

Sample pack includes 1 of each of the following: 

1 oz beard balm

1 oz beard butter

1/2 oz beard oil 

*1 FREE sample of your choice.

*Choose 1 more hickory sample that YOU agree to give away to someone else.

You have to PROMISE that you'll give it away for free and not keep it for yourself. Choose again from 1 oz hickory balm, 1 oz hickory butter, 1/2 oz hickory oil. Whatever you choose I'll send for you to give away to someone else. 

 This is a special offer for a limited time.

I need some feedback from people willing to try kühn's latest scent, hickory.

All I ask is that you take a brief 5 question survey about your experience with the samples you purchased. The link to the survey will be via a QR code on the product. Just scan it and you'll be directed to the survey. 

You'll also receive a discount code at the end of the survey that you can use on any future purchase as a than-you for helping out. 

Dont complicate it. It really is simple.

For $10 I'll send you some products, take a short 5 second survey, & give a free sample to someone else. 

You will have to enter your email address at some point, but that's just for me. I dont sell any data and I don't bombard with emails.

Again, this is just for me to gain some feedback on a new scent.