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Lady Kühn Vitamin Serum (unscented)
Lady Kühn Vitamin Serum (unscented)

Lady Kühn Vitamin Serum (unscented)

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Vitamin Serum (1oz)

by lady kühn

It's called vitamin serum because of all we packed into it. We didnt want to make a regular old moisturizing serum you've see and tried already. We wanted it to be jam packed with active ingredients so the the result would be indisputable. You will notice a difference in your skin, guaranteed.

We've not seen a serum out there with this many premium active ingredients. Most companies will use just one or two.

Feel the benefits of vitamins c, b3, and e. See the difference avocado fruit oil, sunflower seed oil, and neem seed oil make. Of course we didn't forget the miraculous moisturizer that is hyarulonic acid. We have so many active ingredients it was hard to make room for it all on the label.

Active ingredients include: l-ascorbic acid (vitamin c) isopropyl myristate, methyl gluceth, vitamin e tocopherol,  hydrolyzed rice protein, hydrolyzed pea protein, glycine, proline, hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate, organic aloe leaf juice, vitamin b3, avocado fruit oil, hyarulonic acid, vitamin e tocopherol, organic neem seed oil, organic rosemary leaf extract, organic sunflower seed oil, and elastin protein.

Ingredients are one thing, effectiveness is another.

It is effective.

It better than anything you're using now.

There is no doubt. That's how confident we are.

In fact, if this isn't better than anything you're currently using, we'll give you your money back. Try it, it will change your understanding of what's possible in a serum.

This is STEP 2 in our daily skin care routine.


l-ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

isopropyl myristate

methyl gluceth

allantoin powder

vitamin e tocopherol

hydrolyzed rice protein

hydrolyzed pea protein

glycine, proline

hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate

elastin protein

organic aloe leaf juice

vitamin b3

avocado fruit oil

hyarulonic acid

vitamin e tocopherol

sunflower seed oil

organic neem seed oil

organic rosemary leaf extract

organic sunflower seed oil

xantham gum