Why Are Some Beards More Coarse & Wirey

Beards are very alike and beards are very different. Alike in that they're all coarse and stiff and wirey. Different in that the degrees to which a beard is course and wirey can vary. 


Because the degree to which our bodies produce the oil that keeps skin and hair moisturized is so different. What is this oil? Sebum. 

It's why our hair gets oily when not washed and why our face gets oily for the same reason. Beards do not get enough of this oil. It's why our beards aren't soft. No moisture. 

How do we fix this? Clean it ever so gently and put moisture into it with oils, balms, and butters. The problem is a lot of companies make products that just sit on the outside of the beard. You need something that penetrates the hair follicle. 

Whether you use kühn beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, co-wash, or another brand, just make sure the ingredients in the products you're using are top notch. If you're using products that contain refined butters and oils, well you're doing yourself a disservice. We use oils and butters that absorb into your beard and skin because we use oils and butters that are unrefined.

Use kühn oil, balm, or butter and you'll see what I mean. It won't sit on the outside of your beard, what we make gets into the inside. Kühn will leave your beard noticeably softer and not greasy.

Go pick up something and you'll see what I mean. 

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